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Why Pacific Recovery Society?

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A place where individuals can integrate slowly back into society and gain some traction in a family-oriented environment filled with accountable, motivated, solution focused individuals. Your focus will be mainly on your Sobriety, going to meetings will be mandatory, obtaining life skills, learning daily routines and participating in motivational activities. These will be in place as you begin developing coping skills to overcome your urges, self-defeating behavior and mindset. Clients will be monitored here in this safe environment and there will be a short black out period as you reacclimate into the community here at Pacific recovery society, however individuals will have the support of their peers, staff, and management during this time. Our staff will be there to listen and support our clients 24/7 to ensure they never feel alone. In early recovery we will face disappointments, doubts, and obstacles that, through dedication, willingness and hard work, push us to become stronger and more confident in life and our recovery. The struggles we experience and overcome develop our strength for long term sobriety and open new doors to opportunities that never seemed possible, until today.