Your Path to Sustainable
Sobriety & Wellness

Offering a Safe, Supportive Environment for Your Journey to Long-lasting Recovery!

Our Services

Pacific Recovery Society provides a safe place where individuals can integrate slowly back into society and gain some traction in a family-oriented environment filled with accountable, motivated, solution focused individuals. Your focus will be mainly on your Sobriety, going to meetings will be mandatory, obtaining life skills, learning daily routines and participating in motivational activities. These will be in place as you begin developing coping skills to overcome your urges, self-defeating behavior and mindset. The struggles we experience and overcome develop our strength for long term sobriety and open new doors to opportunities that never seemed possible, until today.

Sober Living

A place where individuals can integrate slowly back into society and gain some traction in a family-oriented environment. 

Recovery Coaching

intensive Recovery coaching can help anyone who is at any stage in their addiction stay on track.

Life Coaching

As we know change can be overwhelming and feel impossible sometimes.

Treatment Services & Referral Coordination

We will collaborate and explore options for placement.

"We are here to carry the belief in you through this process guided by wisdom, knowledge, and an understanding heart as you gain belief in yourself."

Josh Pierce – Founder

What Is Pacific Recovery Society About?

We are a leading personal recovery service in the pacific region of the United States. Pacific Recovery Society provides a humbling experience to those who wish to recreate who they are and provide the necessary tools to be able to take off their social mask. We strive to help individuals become a higher version of themselves in a safe space while maintaining long-term sobriety. We are committed to providing an excellent client experience navigated by ethical principles.

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Who We Assist

Our clients range from young adults to established, and otherwise high functioning, individuals who seek to optimize their greatest potential as we customize our attention to meet the needs unique to everyone. Pacific Recovery Society affords clientele with compassionate guidance and needed structure while providing the necessary tools required to safeguard long term sobriety. This is necessary to reap the rewards of a meaningful, rewarding, and balanced life.

Coming To Fruition

Individuals do not normally walk into recovery on a winning streak and recovery is not just handed to you. Recovery demands significant focus and commitment, and we understand that there is a lot involved in this process “you’re not alone”. Our purpose is to be encouraging, informative, and transparent as we meet you where you are at while examining specific areas in your life that are not serving you well.

Action plans/strategies are devised to provide support for the individual needs of the client. We want you to overcome and take back control of your life. Through this process we will ensure that what needs to be done is being accomplished.